After-school club brings pupils together

Isobel Wilson-ClearyNews & Events

At Lwamlimi ‘B’ Primary School in Musoma municipal, a Standard Seven girl was being mocked every day by fellow students and male teachers because of her age. Eventually, the girl could not take it anymore and dropped out of school. The presence and reaction from JUU Club members was very powerful, through their efforts they talked to the head teacher and teachers concerning the situation of the girl. They organised a meeting with pupils and explained to them that they should be giving the girl full support instead of mocking her. Some of JUU club members also went to visit the girl and her parents, they asked her to return to school to ensure a better future for herself. She understood, returned to school and has completed her final year.

At Kulugongo B Primary School in Musoma DC, truancy was a great challenge. A Standard Seven female pupil had dropped out of school for about a year and had been taken to town by a relative for petty business and a Standard Four male pupil had been out of school for three weeks at home helping his father with construction activities. JUU club members initiated a move to bring them back to school. They visited their families and talked to their parents on the importance of education and the negative impact of truancy on their learning outcomes. Both are now back at school after their parents agreed to release the pupils from household chores and petty business.