102,308 (63%) of all children attended SRP centres in 2016 have been enrolled to standard one this year

School Readiness Programme (SRP) is having more impact on children’s learning, total of 102,308(63%) children from SRP have been enrolled standard one this year from 161,527 who attended SRP in 2016 in more than 2,700 SRP centres across seven EQUIP-Tanzania regions.
SRP also contributed 17% of total Standard one enrolment in 2017 for the seven EquipT Regions .This is a milestone for SRP programme whereby out of 576,325 Standard one enrolment in EQUIP-Tanzania regions, SRP contributed 102,308 (17%) with no significant differences between boys and girls (almost 50/50).

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The initiation of SRP programme aimed at improving access to pre primary education to students who don’t attend pre primary education. One key factor limiting children attending Pre School is farthest distance to mother school and thus the basis for establishing SRP centres .From baseline study conducted in 2015 long distance to the nearest pre-primary school is a key reason why many of the 53% of correct age children are not enrolled in pre-primary in Tanzania. It was also found that 77% of children attending primary schools do not speak Kiswahili at home, and that these children are also more likely to be economically disadvantaged.

Crucially, baseline data found that by Standard 3 the learning outcomes of non-Kiswahili speaking children are well below average in Kiswahili and Maths. The larger the learning gap at school entry, the harder it is to close – hence the importance of SRP.

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Through SRP high number of children who did not speak Kiswahili at home and who had little or no access to pre-primary education attended SRP centres created and initiated by the community. SRP centre have caused many children to attend pre-primary school in all seven regions and thereafter to join Primary education. These are marginalized children who otherwise would likely have not had any pre-primary education.

Children who attended SRP classes have shown confidence and they are very active compared to those who did not attend SRP nor pre-school instructions. There are now close to 3,000 centres, 3000 CTAs with 160,000 children enrolling in 2016.

The School Readiness Programme (SRP) began in 2015. The main objective was to help ensure equitable access to quality Pre-Primary Education in Tanzania, particularly focussing on the most marginalised children. The aim is to ensure that all learners arriving in Standard 1 are ‘ready’ for primary school and that the school is ready to accommodate all learners, no matter what their home background or education experience.


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