Tabora Regional team

Tabora Regional team

Tabora Regional Office


P. O Box 1693, Boma Road, Block No. 1,

Plot No. 75, Tabora Municipality,

Tabora, Tanzania

Phone: +255 (0)26 2605490


Tabora region is located in the mid-west of Tanzania. It shares a border with Shinyanga in the north, Singida in the east, Mbeya and Rukwa in the south, and Kigoma to the west.


Coverage of Equip-Tanzania in Tabora Region
Districts Eight (8) in number. Namely; Uyui DC, Urambo DC, Kaliua DC, Sikonge DC, Igunga DC and Nzega DC,Tabora MC,Nzega TC
Wards 208
Villages 562
Government Primary Schools 767
Enrolled Pupils (2014) 443,184 (220,628 boys and 222,556 girls)
Primary School Teachers Female-4429, Male-3825, Total 8,254


DC stands for District Council