Simiyu team

Simiyu Regional  Office

EQUIP-Tanzania -Simiyu Office

PO Box 304

Sima, Bariadi



Simiyu region was established in 2013 and encompasses large areas formerly in Shinyanga region. It borders with Mara in the north; Manyara and Singida in the east, Mwanza in the west and Shinyanga in the south.


Coverage of Equip-Tanzania in Simiyu Region
Districts Six (6) in number. Namely; Bariadi TC, Bariadi DC, Maswa DC, Meatu DC, Itilima DC and Busega DC
Wards 106
Villages 475
Government Primary Schools 513
Enrolled Pupils (2014) 334,872 (162,910 boys and 171,962 girls)
Primary School Teachers Female 2511, Male 3915, Total 6,426


DC stands for District Council

TC stands for Town Council