DODOMA Regional Team

DODOMA Regional Team

Dodoma Regional Office


P. O Box 1587, Block G, Plot No. 23,

Magorofa Mengi, Kikuyu East,

Dodoma, Tanzania

Phone: +255 (0)26 2390154


Dodoma region is located in the centre of the country. The city of Dodoma is the capital city and is where the national parliament is located. It shares borders with Singida to the west, Morogoro to the south east, Manyara to the north east and Iringa to the south.


Coverage of Equip-Tanzania in Dodoma Region
Districts Six (6) in number. Namely; Bahi DC, Kondoa DC, Chemba DC, Chamwino DC, Mpwapwa DC and Mpwapwa TC
Wards 156
Villages 531
Government Primary Schools 637
Enrolled Pupils (2014) 343,896 (165,494 boys and 178,402 girls)
Primary School Teachers Female-3137, Male 3485, Total 6622


DC stands for District Council