EQUIP-Tanzania’s work spans education management and delivery at National, Regional, District, Ward, School and Community levels. We believe that success can only be achieved if all those with a stake in improving quality education in Tanzania are working together effectively.

Our Programme components are as follows:

Enhancing Teacher Performance

Improving Teacher Performance aims to improve the professional capacity and performance of teachers in the classroom as well as in the broader community. The Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) is the programme’s institutional partner and all curriculum-related materials developed through programme funding is led and owned by TIE. EQUIP-Tanzania is part of the National 3Rs programme, contributing to and delivering agreed material content to the seven target regions for Early Grade Literacy and Numeracy (EGLN) to 20,000 teachers, demonstrating value for money approaches for large scale training programmes.

The early grade literacy programme consists of 13 modules which are complete and all early grade teachers are participating varying levels of completeness in this programme including Teachers plus Head Teachers.

Early Grade Mathematics, a 13-module is led by TIE. The INSET delivery model of a combination of residential, cluster and school-based training provides a low-cost, effective means for providing professional development for all teachers on a continuous basis and results are influencing national dialogue for future programmes.

Enhancing School Leadership

Strengthening School Leadership and Management aims to drive whole school improvement through strengthened management of the school and its professional staff and leadership of education initiatives, by bridging the needs and goals of the village and school in support for improved quality of service delivery. Interventions have focused on the development of practical skills and leadership qualities to compliment the Big Results Now (BRN) School Management Toolkit.

6 training modules have been developed  to co-train  Head teachers  with their deputies and the Ward Education Coordinators (WEC), to build an education management and coordination team in every school. In total, 9,289 trainees have received leadership training.The modules covers Education Quality Standards,Leadership Competencies, School Performance management meeting, PTP Grants Management , School Development Planning.

Strengthening District Management

District Management & Planning aims to strengthen the strategic leadership of regions, implementation management of LGA and coordination skills of WEC, for improved quality of education services.

 Improving coordination of the WECs in all regions.

Activities, other than those supporting decentralized programme cycle management mentioned above, have resulted in the successful supply and distribution of 1010 motorbikes to WECs for improved coordination across all seven regions. WEC grant system has been put in place and grant applications made by all programme WECs (n=1,065). All WEC within the 47 target Districts in the seven Regions of Dodoma, Kigoma, Simiyu Shinyanga, Tabora, Mara and Lindi are eligible to receive the WEC Grant.

Strengthening Community Participation

Strengthened community participation & demand for better accountability in education activities aims to generate demand for improved quality of education from pupils, parents and wider community members.

Activities under this are many: