EQUIP – Tanzania Annual Summary 2016 – 17


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EQUIP-Tanzania Annual Summary 2016 – 17

Professional development of teachers is a ‘catalyst for change’


Chem Chem primary school is located at Mbugani Ward in Tabora Municipality the school has 14 teachers of which 12 female and 2 male.

At Chem Chem primary school we held meeting with SC chair person Mr. Ally Masudi, 8 PTP members (standard 1-4), Standard 1-2 teachers and finally all teachers. The aim of our visit was to share with teachers and the PTP members on school development and find out the influence of training on teachers classroom practices. On the other hand learning more on the role of PTP in improving pupils participation in learning. The Head Teacher Ms Hafsa S. Juma at the middle.

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PTP grant: Observed all meeting reports documented and form 2 for fund request well filled and approved by the DEO. Five PTP members participated and contributed to the discussion of their responsibilities towards school development. These included Mr. Rashid Nassoro, Hamisi Karatuli, Salima Ally and Mwashum Tefik.

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One PTP member contends on their responsibilities. She started by acknowledging what EQUIP is doing, and importantly on coming with the idea of establishing PTP for the development of the schools and their children education.

She says: ‘Before establishment of PTP, pupils’ absenteeism was very high. Now we have managed to control because we have organize to visit school frequently by rotation. Usually we trace all those who do not go to school and do follow up to their homes and bring them back to school’. We talk with their parents of why we want their children attend school every day.

Another member explained how they spend the PTP funds allocated to their school. He says: ‘we have renovated 49 pupils’ desks; we have also orginised inter classes sport competition for standard I-VII. Small presents like small exercise books, sweets, pencils and pens are organized. These presents have motivated pupils like schooling and stay longer at school; hence improved attendance and pupils’ performance.

He continued, apart from school competitions parents do follow-up their children learning progress and have increased the relationships between teachers and parents or relatives.


Teacher voices of changes: teaching that count

It was also interesting listening to teachers on the importance of school based professional development training attended. Group picture of Chem Chem teachers

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Fatuma explains how both cluster and school based training has improved her teaching capacity due to developed methods of teaching and understanding of her pupils’ learning needs.

She says: I use a range of teaching methods such as role plays, question and answers, and dramatization. I involve pupils collect and bring simple made materials to use during the lesson. My teaching has changed I talk less during the lesson because I use teaching and learning materials and pupils participate in inn their learning. I have started to see a big change happening to my pupils in class 1 and 2 and most of them can read and write clearly.’

Puipils use break time working on their assignments and sometimes they just gother themselves and start working in their excise books. It was during break time these pupils were along a corridor working on their own.

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The process of preparing teaching and learning materials has motivated pupils participate in their learning and learn on their own during breaks time and sometimes peer learning by using the displayed materials. Pupils help each other and no time is being wasted.

All teachers acknowledged benefiting from school based training through reading and discussion of modules twice in a month.

Winfrida teaches class 3 and seven, said that through reading modules 4-13 she feels to be a different person in her teaching. She has changed her ways of teaching; involving pupils prepare teaching and learning materials, uses teaching materials and monitor pupils’ learning progress are dominating her teaching.

She says: ‘Participating in school based training has improved my teaching skills of Kiswahili pronunciations and phonology in general. I now enjoy teaching my pupils than before training.’

Sara a class 2 teacher also feels she has improved her ways of teaching and assisting pupils. Use of teaching and learning materials in lessons has contributed to pupils’ read Kiswahili fluently with fewer problems.

The teachers at Chem Chem primary school acknowledged being involved in the 3Rs training because they see themselves being different in many areas, of pedagogical skills of understanding their pupils’ learning needs, involving inn their learning preparation and use of teaching materials and application of a range of teaching methods. This is the team

Parents and Teachers partnership (PTP) open relationship doors


The chairperson of PTP Mr. Shabaann Ramadhan, said: ‘Mpigwa Primary school for a long time had no latrine for teachers. Teachers used to nock doors to nearby fellow teachers houses. Sometime was difficult to be helped especially when the owner is away, a situation that caused teachers not working effectively because in some cases they were forced go home and leaving classes’.

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The chairperson Mr. Shabaan Ramadhan in red jacket

Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP) realized the problem and difficulties teachers face due to lack of toilets at their school but also pupils missing lessons. The PTP chairperson contacted the Headtecher, introduced the idea and agenda of building toilet for teachers at their school. The idea was communicated to teachers, the pupils and was positively accepted by the school community. Pupils were excited and planned to support some activities in order to make it happens within a short time. Pupils made local bricks for building and 2 doors.

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Through PTP mobilisation the community dug the pit hole and build two holes, one for female teachers and one for male teachers. The latrine has been completed and all teachers are happy.

New Latrine for teachers constructed by PTP members and pupils

New Latrine for teachers constructed by PTP members and pupils

The Headteacher reported that Mpigwa primary school has 442 pupils (standars 1-7) 226 are girls and 216 boys, Pre-primary children are 167 of which 77 boys and 90 boys. There are 8 teachers, 4 female and 4 men. In addition 13 PTP members 7 male and 6 female.

Mr. Meshack Mponjoli the Ward Education Officer is very close to communjity and PTP members in particular. He said that community support and recognition of efforts contributed to school development has build a sustainable cooperation and collaboration.

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