About EQUIP-Tanzania

EQUIP is currently a four-year, GBP 50 million grant programme from the people of the United Kingdom in support of better learning outcomes at basic education level, especially for girls. It aims to develop, implement and demonstrate best approaches to strengthen the quality of education in seven regions, ready for national scale-up within the structure of the national Primary Education Development Programme Phase III (PEDPIII). It is part of efforts to build an education system that can support Tanzania’s growth and development ambitions. It targets 2.3 million enrolled primary students in 4,452 schools in 1,123 wards, across 51 Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in seven regions.
EQUIP-Tanzania aims for Quality at the heart of our classrooms.

EQUIP-Tanzania is engaging with all sectors of Government, Schools, Parents, Pupils and Civil Societies, drawing on their energy and expertise to strengthen the education system at every level.

EQUIP-Tanzania is:

1. Improving teacher performance
2. Strengthening School Leadership and Management
3. Enhancing District Planning and Management
4. Strengthening community participation and Accountability
5. Strengthening learning and dissemination of results

At every level, the program aims to inform, equip and empower – for better decision making, to ensure systems have the capacity and resources to deliver, and that education professionals and communities can play their role to the full.